Sunday, February 13, 2011

The New Iron Curtain Falling Across Europe

EU Flag
I have been studying what is going on in Europe and frankly it's really frightening.  The EU has grab power in all the EU countries and are passing laws that the people don't want and don't get to vote on. Even the politicians of those countries have no say in what laws the EU commission passes. There are 27 people in the EU commission who are unelected and cannot be voted out and they are enacting hundreds of laws for the millions of people in Europe.

So why should people in the US care about this? Because the same thing is happening in the US. The Government is passing laws that the people don't want and don't vote for and then when a state takes an action that the Federal Government doesn't like they get sued and bullied by the Government. What we need to understand is that the United States is attempting to adopt a European model for the US and I think they are doing rather well so far. The people don’t get to vote on any of the laws that affect their lives and are essentially told to go eat cake. The Government has become so brazen in their thirst for power that they are now even side stepping Congress and passing laws via executive orders and though the EPA, FCC and other agencies edicts. Not only are the people prohibited from voting on these laws, but now our representative don't even get to vote. IS THIS DEMOCRACY?  Absolutely not, this is called fascism pure and simple and we have to recognize it as such.

I would highly encourage all of you to watch videos on You Tube about what Nigel Farage is saying in the EU Parliament. Go to You Tube and type in his name. Mr. Farage is a UK representative in the EU Parliament and leads the UK Indenpendence Party (UKIP), which is the UK’s version of the US Tea Party. I wish we had a guy like this in the US who is so articulate, bold enough to speak the unvarnished truth and who could run for President.

The helicopter view of what is going on in the world today is this. All of this is part of the ruling elitist plan, headed up by the Central Banks, for a One World Government and it seems to be on track to happening. When it does, and I pray it doesn’t, you will have  millions of people becoming economic serfs in the truest sense of the word.  You really need to get engage and recognize what is happening and do what you can to enlighten people. If enough people get enlightened then the light will dispel the darkness that is encroaching upon the whole world. 

President Václav Klaus
Below are videos of speeches by Nigel and the President of the Czech Republic. Please watch all of Nigel Farage speeches before the EU Parliament on YouTube. You will be shocked, but you will also become enlightened to the dangers that face the World. So please help wake people up to this new IRON CURTAIN that has returned to Europe and that is also encircling the US as Obama and his cohorts attempt to implement the European model.

Victor Vendetti
The Truth Report 101
      Just who the Hell do you people think you are?

     Call it the Debt Union.

     Farage and Hannan confront EU Centralism

     Prsident of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, stands up for Freedom

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