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The Climate Warming Scam

This climate warming mantra is just another attempt to rip off the people of the world by the ruling governing elite. Think about it, they have come up with this brilliant scheme. Sell the stupid sheepeople the story that there is global warming because of them. You see all the sheepeoples of the world need many things to live, the industries of the world have to make things for the sheepeople and that is causing pollution, which is causing the earth to warm up, which is causing the warmer weather and that is causing the ice caps to melt. Then charge the sheepeople and their supporting industries a tax on every good and service the sheepeoples use. This will add trillions yearly our coffers and the sheepeople will have to pay it because they will have no choice. Not to worry, the sheepeople will continue watching their favorite sheepeople TV dumb downing programs and drinking their favorite sheepeople beer that we will provide. We will keep them in crisis, living in fear and barely able to sustain themselves. They will follow the lead sheepeople that we will supply to the slaughter and they won't ever know the truth about what the hell is going on because our ruling elite news media and propaganda machines will keep them in the dark and we will rule the world and tax and them to death.

It probably would have worked if it wasn't for those damn emails that got leaked out and the subsequent worst weather of the century. Now the ruling elites are playing defense, but they are not deterred and will persevere on to try to implement their trillions dollar tax fraud scheme and One World Government on the sheepeople. I read with interest how the ruling governing elite actually just resorted to the age old tactic of plain old bribery to get the various nation state governments to pass their global warming legislation. So don't underestimate their concentration and perseverance to get this done. I have always remembered a truism that was on my college diploma, "Success in life is not so much a matter of talent and opportunity as it is of concentration and perseverance". That's what they have, it's what has gotten them to where they are today and the driving force that is steering the sheepeople to a One World Government.

The Federal Reserve and the establishment of the central banks, was probably the biggest fraud perpetrated on the Sheepeople. In the US it got passed on December 23, 1913, while most of the sheepeoples representatives had gone home for Christmas vacation and couldn't vote. The few crooks and criminals, who had their go forward plan of action ready, stayed behind in Washington to push that bill through in the middle of the night while nobody was watching. You know their favorite tactic of, under the wall, over the wall, or just bust through the wall. Now does that sound the least bit familiar to you? You see their tactics haven't changed a bit, only their Mafia heads have changed, the game plan is exactly the same.

Just a point of interest, If you remember in the 1970.s, the then US Government, their then scientists and their then scientific date was predicting a new ice age.  That wasn't that long ago, however, they soon figured out that they couldn't tax a new ice age so they dropped it like a hot potato. They came up with a much more clever and enriching idea, global warming, carbon credits and the trillions in global warming taxes they could collect. They still might get it through on another December day in the future when the sheepeoples are preoccupied celebrating another Christmas.

Here is some inconvenient truths for the climate warming con artists, Al Gore being the leader of Pack. Here is an inconvenient web site that they would like you to not see:

Here is some more inconvenient information they would not want you to see:

Despite many claims to the contrary, the 1970's global cooling fears were widespread among many scientists and in the media. Despite the fact that there was no UN IPCC organization created to promote global cooling in the 1970s and despite the fact that there was nowhere near the tens of billions of dollars in funding spent today to promote man-made global warming, fears of a coming ice age, showed up in peer-reviewed literature, at scientific conferences, voiced by prominent scientists and throughout the media.
Newsweek Magazine even used the climate “tipping point” argument in 1975. Newsweek wrote April 28, 1975 article: "The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality."

A Small Sampling of 1970's Reports Warning of Global Cooling:

Excerpt: “A major climatic change would force economic and social adjustments on a worldwide scale,” warns a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences, “because the global patterns of food production and population that have evolved are implicitly dependent on the climate of the present century.” - Newsweek - April 28, 1975 “The Cooling World”

Excerpt: “The world "could be as little as 50 or 60 years away from a disastrous new ice age, a leading atmospheric scientist predicts,” read a July 9, 1971 Washington Post article. NASA scientist S.I. Rasool, a colleague of James Hansen, made the predictions. The 1971 article continues: "In the next 50 years" — or by 2021 — fossil-fuel dust injected by man into the atmosphere "could screen out so much sunlight that the average temperature could drop by six degrees," resulting in a buildup of "new glaciers that could eventually cover huge areas." If sustained over "several years, five to 10," or so Mr. Rasool estimated, "such a temperature decrease could be sufficient to trigger an ice age."

Excerpt: In the 1971 essay, “Overpopulation and the Potential for Ecocide,” Dr. Holdren and his co-author, the ecologist Paul Ehrlich, warned of a coming ice age. They certainly weren't the only scientists in the 1970s to warn of a coming ice age, but I can't think of any others who were so creative in their catastrophizing. Although they noted that the greenhouse effect from rising emissions of carbon dioxide emissions could cause future warming of the planet, they concluded from the mid-century cooling trend that the consequences of human activities (like industrial soot, dust from farms, jet exhaust, urbanization and deforestation) were more likely to first cause an ice age. 

1977 book “The Weather Conspiracy: The Coming of the New Ice Age" - CIA Feared Global Cooling - Excerpt: In the early 1970s, top CIA thinkers concluded that changing weather was “perhaps the greatest single challenge that America will face in coming years”. As a result they ordered several studies of the world's climate, the likely changes to come and their probably effect on America and the rest of the world. The studies conclude that the world is entering a difficult period during which major climate change (further cooling) is likely to occur. That is the consensus of the Central intelligence Agency, which highlights the fact that we are overdue for a new ice age. Many climatologists believe that since the 1960s, the world has been slipping towards a new ice age. ....the evidence suggests that change will be a return to a climate that was dominant from the seventeenth century to about 1850. Soviet weatherman Mikhail Budyko believes that 1 2.8F drop in the average global temperature would start glaciers on the march. If the temperature should fall by another 0.7F, it could usher in a ninety-thousand year tyranny if ice and snow.

Excerpt: The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it. In England, farmers have seen their growing season decline by about two weeks since 1950, with a resultant overall loss in grain production estimated at up to 100,000 tons annually. [...] The central fact is that after three quarters of a century of extraordinarily mild conditions, the earth's climate seems to be cooling down. Meteorologists disagree about the cause and extent of the cooling trend, as well as over its specific impact on local weather conditions. But they are almost unanimous in the view that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century. If the climatic change is as profound as some of the pessimists fear, the resulting famines could be catastrophic. “A major climatic change would force economic and social adjustments on a worldwide scale,” warns a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences, “because the global patterns of food production and population that have evolved are implicitly dependent on the climate of the present century.” [...] Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects. They concede that some of the more spectacular solutions proposed, such as melting the Arctic ice cap by covering it with black soot or diverting arctic rivers, might create problems far greater than those they solve.

In the 1970s Professor Stephen Schneider was one of the leading voices warning the Earth was going to experience a catastrophic man made ice-age. However he is now a member of the UN IPCC and is a leading advocate warning that the Earth is facing catastrophic global warming. In 1971, Schneider co-authored a paper warning of a man-made “ice age.” 

Excerpt: 'The rate of temperature decrease is augmented with increasing aerosol content. An increase by only a factor of 4 in global aerosol background concentration may be sufficient to reduce the surface temperature by as much as 3.5 deg. K. If sustained over a period of several years, such a temperature decrease over the whole globe is believed to be sufficient to trigger an ice age.” Schneider was still promoting the coming “ice age” in 1978. 

1975 New York Times: "Climate Changes Called Ominous,", June 19, 1975 - Harold M. Schmeck, - p. 31. Excerpt: “The most drastic potential change considered in the new report is an abrupt end to the present interglacial period of relative warmth that governed the planet's climate for the past 10,000 years. [...] The report also noted that periods of benign climate comparable to the present are unusual and have existed for about 8 percent of the last 700,000 years.”

1974 New York Times: "Climate Changes Endanger World's Food Output,", August 8, 1974 – Harold M. Schmeck - p. 35. Excerpt: A recent meeting of climate experts in Bonn, West Germany, produced the unanimous conclusion that the change in global weather patterns pose a severe threat to agriculture that could lead to major crop failures and mass starvation. [...] The drop [in global temps] since the 1940s has only been half a degree, but some scientists believe this is enough to trigger changes that could have important effects on the world's weather and agriculture.

1975 New York Times: "Scientists Ask Why World Climate is Changing, Major Cooling May Be Ahead", May 21, 1975 – By Walter Sullivan - Excerpt: Sooner or later a major cooling of the climate is widely considered inevitable. Hints that is may already begun are evident. The drop in mean temperatures since 1950 in the Northern Hemisphere has been sufficient, for example, to shorten Britain's growing season for crops by two weeks.

1974 Time Magazine: "Another Ice Age," June 24, 1974 - Excerpt: However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age. [...] Man, too, may be somewhat responsible for the cooling trend. The University of Wisconsin's Reid A. Bryson and other climatologists suggest that dust and other particles released into the atmosphere as a result of farming and fuel burning may be blocking more and more sunlight from reaching and heating the surface of the earth. [...] Whatever the cause of the cooling trend, its effects could be extremely serious, if not catastrophic. Scientists figure that only a 1% decrease in the amount of sunlight hitting the earth's surface could tip the climatic balance, and cool the planet enough to send it sliding down the road to another ice age within only a few hundred years.

Newsweek admitted it erred in reporting on predictions of a coming ice age in the 1970's – October 24, 2006 - Excerpt: It took 31 years, but Newsweek magazine admitted it was incorrect about climate change. In a nearly 1,000-word correction, Senior Editor Jerry Adler finally agreed that a 1975 piece on global cooling “was so spectacularly wrong about the near-term future.” Even then, Adler wasn't quite willing to blame Newsweek for the incredible failure. “In fact, the story wasn't 'wrong' in the journalistic sense of 'inaccurate,'” he claimed. “Some scientists indeed thought the Earth might be cooling in the 1970s, and some laymen – even one as sophisticated and well-educated as Isaac Asimov – saw potentially dire implications for climate and food production,” Adler added. However, the story admitted both Time magazine and Newsweek were wrong on the subject – Newsweek as recently as 1992.

Climatologist Dr. Patrick Michaels, a prominent critic of the man-made global warming fears today, recalls how pervasive the coming ice age scare was when he was in graduate school. "When I was going to graduate school, it was gospel that the Ice Age was about to start. I had trouble warming up to that one too. This (greenhouse) is not the first climate apocalypse, but it's certainly the loudest,” Michaels said.

1970: First Earth Day Promoted Ice Age Fears – Excerpt: At the first Earth Day celebration, in 1970, environmentalist Nigel Calder warned, "The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind." C.C. Wallen of the World Meteorological Organization said, "The cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed."

1976 Book: "The Cooling: Has the Next Ice Age Already Begun" By Lowell Ponte - Excerpt: "This cooling has already killed hundreds of thousands of people. If it continues and no strong action is taken, it will cause world famine, world chaos and world war, and this could all come about before the year 2000."

Earth Day 1970: Kenneth E.F. Watt on air pollution and global cooling: "If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder by the year 2000...This is about twice what it would take to put us in an ice age."

( See Time Magazine's 1974 article “Another Ice Age” citing Bryson: & see Newsweek's 1975 article “The Cooling World” citing Bryson) converted into a leading global warming skeptic before his death in 2008. In February 8, 2007 Bryson dismissed what he terms "sky is falling" man-made global warming fears. Bryson, was on the United Nations Global 500 Roll of Honor and was identified by the British Institute of Geographers as the most frequently cited climatologist in the world. “Before there were enough people to make any difference at all, two million years ago, nobody was changing the climate, yet the climate was changing, okay?” Bryson told the May 2007 issue of Energy Cooperative News. “All this argument is the temperature going up or not, it's absurd. Of course it's going up. It has gone up since the early 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution, because we're coming out of the Little Ice Age, not because we're putting more carbon dioxide into the air,” Bryson said. “You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide,” he added. 

(LINKFire and Ice: Journalists have warned of climate change for 100 years, but can't decide weather we face an ice age or warming,” Business and Media Institute, By R. Warren Anderson, Dan Gainor, Dan (2006) - Excerpt: The media have warned about impending climate doom four different times in the last 100 years. Only they can't decide if mankind will die from warming or cooling.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The New Iron Curtain Falling Across Europe

EU Flag
I have been studying what is going on in Europe and frankly it's really frightening.  The EU has grab power in all the EU countries and are passing laws that the people don't want and don't get to vote on. Even the politicians of those countries have no say in what laws the EU commission passes. There are 27 people in the EU commission who are unelected and cannot be voted out and they are enacting hundreds of laws for the millions of people in Europe.

So why should people in the US care about this? Because the same thing is happening in the US. The Government is passing laws that the people don't want and don't vote for and then when a state takes an action that the Federal Government doesn't like they get sued and bullied by the Government. What we need to understand is that the United States is attempting to adopt a European model for the US and I think they are doing rather well so far. The people don’t get to vote on any of the laws that affect their lives and are essentially told to go eat cake. The Government has become so brazen in their thirst for power that they are now even side stepping Congress and passing laws via executive orders and though the EPA, FCC and other agencies edicts. Not only are the people prohibited from voting on these laws, but now our representative don't even get to vote. IS THIS DEMOCRACY?  Absolutely not, this is called fascism pure and simple and we have to recognize it as such.

I would highly encourage all of you to watch videos on You Tube about what Nigel Farage is saying in the EU Parliament. Go to You Tube and type in his name. Mr. Farage is a UK representative in the EU Parliament and leads the UK Indenpendence Party (UKIP), which is the UK’s version of the US Tea Party. I wish we had a guy like this in the US who is so articulate, bold enough to speak the unvarnished truth and who could run for President.

The helicopter view of what is going on in the world today is this. All of this is part of the ruling elitist plan, headed up by the Central Banks, for a One World Government and it seems to be on track to happening. When it does, and I pray it doesn’t, you will have  millions of people becoming economic serfs in the truest sense of the word.  You really need to get engage and recognize what is happening and do what you can to enlighten people. If enough people get enlightened then the light will dispel the darkness that is encroaching upon the whole world. 

President Václav Klaus
Below are videos of speeches by Nigel and the President of the Czech Republic. Please watch all of Nigel Farage speeches before the EU Parliament on YouTube. You will be shocked, but you will also become enlightened to the dangers that face the World. So please help wake people up to this new IRON CURTAIN that has returned to Europe and that is also encircling the US as Obama and his cohorts attempt to implement the European model.

Victor Vendetti
The Truth Report 101
      Just who the Hell do you people think you are?

     Call it the Debt Union.

     Farage and Hannan confront EU Centralism

     Prsident of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus, stands up for Freedom